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LSC Legacy Competitive Program

LSC Legacy Hero

Welcome to the LSC Legacy Competitive Program!

Lawton  Soccer Club offers a comprehensive Competitive program designed to create a high level training environment to take all players to the next level. Lawton Soccer Club’s "Legacy" is a Competitive Soccer program for players ages 11 through 19 - the highest level of soccer offered at LSC.  The Club will prepare players for high school, intercollegiate and future professional soccer opportunities, while developing important life skills including character, persistence, discipline and teamwork.

Legacy Competitive teams practice 2-3 times per week, with a licensed coaching staff. League games are generally played on Saturdays with occasional Sunday games. Home games are played at the Big Green Soccer Complex in Lawton OK, while away games can take you to all corners of the state.  Tournaments are very important to the LSC development of all our players. All Teams will compete in at least 2 tournaments every season.

All competitive players participate in a tryout process where our coaches evaluate and place players according to individual skill level, attitude, and experience. Tryouts for competitive soccer are held each summer and the program is a "Year Long" program running with the school year (Fall-Spring). 

Our Legacy Competitive Teams are sanctioned Oklahoma Premier League (OPL) teams through the Oklahoma Soccer Association (OSA). The schedule is managed and published seasonally by OSA.



Competitive Staff

Under the guidance of our Competitive Director, Director of Coaching, and licensed coaches, our Legacy teams are exposed to a wide array of soccer knowledge and experience. Our staff consists of coaches who have playing experience as well as coaching experience ranging from competitive to collegiate. LSC coaches will be held to a high degree of accountability. The coaches will maintain a high level of professionalism and will keep their role as a coach in perspective. Our coaches will be positive role models in personal management, ethics, appearance, and behavior.


Competitive Program Fees - General Information

Lawton Soccer Club is committed to providing amongst the most affordable Competitive Programs in the state of Oklahoma. Detailed fee disclosure forms are available at the LSC Clubhouse, or by contacting the Club Registrar. Unlike our standard recreational programs, the Legacy Registration fee covers the full league year, including Fall and Spring seasons.  In addition to the season registration fee, LSC Legacy players also incur coaching, and field usage fees. Additional Fees include the mandatory purchase of a uniform kit. Tournament fees are separate, and will be collected throughout the season at the team level (Coach or Team Manager) based on tournament selection, as decided by the coaches and program director.

Fall 2024/Spring 2025 Competitive Fees

*Fees include each Player's registration fees, league fees, referee fees, and field usage fees. They also include training fees, administrative expenses, maintenance expenses, insurance expenses, and other overhead expenses necessary to operate and maintain the organization. Uniform purchase is an additional (mandatory) expense and is listed in the next section. 


12U - 15U Fees

$125 due upon acceptance of position
Remaining $975 will be invoiced via Square once player is placed on a team roster.  
16U - 19U Fees
$125 due upon acceptance of position
Remaining $600 will be invoiced via Square once player is placed on a team roster.  
All training fees may be paid online through Square invoice or in person to the Lawton Soccer Club Registrar, Secretary, or other LSC Representative assigned by the Registrar.  Non-payment can result in suspension of the player from participation with the team. Payment plans are available. 


Competitive Uniforms 

The LSC Legacy uniform kit consists of two pairs of socks, two pairs of shorts, and home and away jerseys. 

A uniform kit purchase is required for all LSC Legacy competitive players and is not included in club fees. The uniform kits are rotated every other year. The current uniform rotation started in the Fall of 2023, and will be good through the Spring season of 2025.  Additional or replacement items may be purchased at any time.

Ordering instructions will be emailed once players are added to a team roster.  Parents/guardians will order directly from and kits will be shipped to your door! There will also be optional add-on gear available for purchase!

Games & Location Details


LSC Legacy games are played in the Oklahoma Premier League through the Oklahoma Soccer Association. Exact game schedules, dates and times will be posted on their website prior to each season.

Fall Game Dates: August - November

Spring Game Dates: February - May


Oklahoma Soccer Association (OSA) OPL League

Visit OSA's Oklahoma Premier League (OPL) page for the schedule and other important league information!

LSC Legacy sideline gear available here!!!

LSC Legacy sideline gear available here!!!


Once an agreed upon date is determined between Head Coaches and/or Team Managers, please reach out to our Registrar and Referee Assignor respectively to get games officially changed on the schedule. All requests must be submitted a minimum of 48hrs prior to game day, to provide sufficient time to alert and/or find Referees. If notified with less than 48hrs notice, Referee Fees will need to be paid for the new game time by the team requesting the change.

LSC Registrar - Lisa Williams:

LSC Referee Assignor - Philip Silkey:


LSC Legacy Registration Header

Philosophy and Policy

LSC Legacy is a competitive soccer program. Differing from our standard Recreational program, players must attend a sanctioned team try-out session prior to player acceptance. Tryouts are overseen by the LSC Competitive Director, Director of Coaching, and Legacy Coaches. Those overseeing Tryouts will be looking for these 3 core subjects:

1.  Ability level  - players are assessed based on Technical, Tactical, Physical, Psychosocial and Psychological criteria appropriate for  their age group. 

2.  Commitment level - players who consider soccer to be their primary sport and/or want to excel in the game with future aspirations, are a good fit for the Legacy program. Practice attendance is mandatory.

3. Sportsmanship - Above all else, Legacy coaches are looking for players prepared to contribute to a team atmosphere. Individual players do not make a team. All players on our Legacy teams are expected to push each other to get better and stronger as a unit. "There is no I in team". Coaches are looking for leaders to help achieve team goals.

Playing Up Philosophy and Policy

Lawton Legacy will not allow any player to register for tryouts at an older birth year

1. Players must try out at their designated birth year. If a player is excelling in their own birth year tryout, the coaching leadership can consider their candidacy to be evaluated to play and be registered onto the older birth year team. 

2. The player must be ranked a top 5 player in their own age group to be considered for playing up.

3. If a player is invited to participate in an older birth year Tryout, Coaches will initiate the evaluation at the  older age group internally and will communicate with parents and the player accordingly. An invitation to tryout with an older birth year team, does not constitute acceptance to the team.

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